My own music


When I was 16 or 17, I decided to try to make some musik with the computer. The easiest thing to make seemed to be techno, so I tried that. As a name for the imaginary band I used "SMT" (Self-Made Techno), you know how kids are...

These are the songs I created. At first, I used my keyboard and a MIDI-program. I don't know the type anymore. Later I bought a Soundblaster64 which had some new processor for generating instruments.

I recorded some songs on a music cassette ("SMT - The beginning"). None of this was published, and I don't think it is good enough to be published.


Later I decided SMT was a stupid name and changed it to another (stupid) name: "CTM" (Computer-Techno-Music). I made some more songs, and created a music CD ("Imagination"), which has also never been published except on this website. Some of the songs on the CD where also on the MC, some weren't.

Destruction and recovery

The software I used is probably not available anymore. The original files have vanished in a hard-disc crash. So all I had was the CD and the MC. I made a CD-rip and put the songs online here. Recently, I discovered the MC in the attic and used my old stereo to re-record it to the computer.

Title Length Origin
Pause Our way 3:13 MC
Pause Division 2:31 MC
Pause Communication 4:01 MC
Pause On the run 5:38 CD
Pause Move te 5:00 MC
Pause Higher 4:39 MC
Pause Day of December 4:38 CD
Pause Sphere lights 3:10 CD
Pause Instructor themes 4:14 CD
Pause Faster than the light 4:19 CD
Pause End of part one 3:40 MC
Pause Interludium 3:45 CD
Pause Problems 4:01 CD
Pause Dreaming 3:35 CD
Pause Find to yourself 9:25 CD
Pause The Darkside 6:52 CD